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I went out for a little while on my jet ski off of Virginia Beach and experienced all the weather conditions possible. Calm seas at first, then drizzle and steady rain. A wind shift with gust up to 25 knots. Then the sun came out nicely, all in about 2 hours.
I had no luck on the Striped Bass nor did I see or hear of one caught. I friend of mine on the blue Hydra Sports did have brief hook up with a Blue Fin Tuna that hit like a freight train and broke the line after a ten minute battle.
The phenom off of the Virginia coast continues, every direction I looked I could see some either close by or off in the distance. It has made all my trips even more exciting. If you do not have a boat then you should take one of the whale watching tours from the Virginia Aquarium or the Rudee Flipper. A ten minute ride and you are guaranteed to see what is a once in a life time memory for many.
Here are some pictures. The whale breaching was way off so it is fuzzy.

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