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This Weather and the striper Run.....

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I only started fishing the bay a few years ago and the 1 thing I have noticed that spring in the bay is never as good as the Fall run. The last few years have just been disappointing as far as a spring run. Theres fish to catch but nothing like compared to the storys of the oldtimers spring run.
Strummin??? How many times have we heard that? Well, I can honestly say I have not caught a bass when I was fishing for drum these past few years.
Heres my optimistic theory. The last few years our winters have been very warm. Starting late and ending early. This year has been like no other year and I am thinking that we will have a late run of fish carrying over into drum season.

Heres to a great bass season. See you in the bay first, then up the river. Only a few more weeks. Girls place opens March 27. Anybody know who is going to have clams before then???
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I'm thinking and hoping this brutal winter will hold them off a few weeks later than last year,my boat gets the bottom wet april 1st,last year the hot bite was just about over by the time mine was put in.:huh:
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