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Tieing braided to mono???????

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I've tried surgical, blood, small bimini's looped together---all without much success. It seems the braid still cuts through the mono on a hard pull, I've doubled the lines, I think I have tried everything, I want a windon leader, I'm trying that new method I read about in saltwater sportsman last month, hope it works------------------has anybody had any real success with any particular knot??
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Albright knot, is the knot that works for me. Last resort, use a tiny spro swivel in the rating of your choice. Capt Burke, from the "Mad Gaffer" uses his own Knot, and that is super strong and never brakes. I still have not figured out how to tie Cpt. Burkes knot by myself.... yet:)
Try this uni to uni. It works great on braid to mono and also braid to braid. Easy to tie and no problem going through guides. I've never had it cut or break at the knot, line will break first! ;) Good luck.

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Go with the double Uni. It's fast and works well!
Uni to uni works well but can catch the guides if casting. I prefer the albright.
Another vote for a double uni knot.
without question, a double uni should do the job

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I use double uni all the time. However, PowerPro' direction says to use the double uni with like dia. lines and the Albright with different dia. lines.

never knew of the site you posted. its a very good one


the beav
awesome website...thanks from one hammer to another
Albright knot for me because I can tie it quicker then the double uni and my lines rarely match in diameter.
Place a piece of 80 dacron on your braid before you tie a loop to act as a cushion against the mono. I use hollow core braid extensively for wind-ons with 60# to 250# mono. It works excellently
I've been using the Albright for years and haven't had a problem.
Albright for me also...never a problem and it easier (for me anyway) to tie than the uni to uni...

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Wow, great response guys, I've tried all the knots except the Albright, but I will now. I have been tieing 30 braided to like 20 floro and it cuts through the floro almost everytime with a big fish on, thanks alot guys, really appreciate it--and what a great site for knots(, thanks again, Leon
uni to uni never fails.
Albright is superior but I can't tie it perfect twice. you can tie a uni to uni in the dark. very helpful
uni to uni, just did my flounder rod, no problem
I like uni to uni. I also like uni to swival. Leave a small tag end and it catches the weed instead of sliding down to the hook.
Uni to uni.

If you are lazy, end loop on the braid. Tie the mono to the end loop using a palomar.
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