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well the season is fast approaching and it looks like it is time to get ready for my second season of boat fishing. I learned a lot from this board, and hoe to build on what i learned.
i tried to get out with fellow barners, unfortunatly time constraints put a big hole in those plans.
I need to refill my tackle box this year since i basically went lost, mangled or destroyed the contents this year.
where is a good place to go to buy this years tackle with reasonable prices? i was hoping to make some of the flee markets, any information would greatly help

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Your right, over the next month or so is a good
time to start getting prepared for the Up-Coming
Ofcourse it doesn't get any easier then
checking out
our very own list of Tackle Dealers right here
on the Barn.Just a few clicks away....
Also Soon, the Local/Chain Stores should be opening back
up with their inventory of tackle stocked up for
the year.
Flea Markets,Outdoor Shows also offer a Great
chance to check out New Tackle and deals on
the old favorites....

Good Luck on your Quest....
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