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Regarding the previous post that was locked down. I understand why it was locked down. It was because you resorted to name calling and adolescent behavior. Please answer my questions. If you were SO concerned about a collision then "Why didn't you move?" A new question: "if a tug in tow passed within 50' of you would you have moved?" Have you ever passed a slower boat in an inlet? How could you know my abilities and make such statements? The fact is is that you cannot. You were simply upset with me bcause I brought out the other side in this issue. I am certainly glad that no one on your vessel was hurt(other than ego). It was obviously a bruised ego becaused you happened to mention that it was a "50 footer". Why wouldn't you mention the idiot in the 18 footer who passed even closer or almost ran into you when drifting the reef? How do I know about this 18 footer? Easy anyone with enough time on the water has had the same experience: somone without a clue almost causing a collision with someone else. As for my licensed staus: I would be happy to discuss the nav Rules with you @ any time. You didn't mention whether she left you to her port or starboard(that would be left or right facing bow) but may I suggest that you start by refering to rule 17. Have a great day. Tight lines and stay safe.

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I am moving this over to the TackleBox Forum..
Also I might suggest you contact this member
by Email if Possible..

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