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Great Dredge for all kinds of off shore fishing. Top of the line dredge with 6 titanium arms that are retractable arms and 12 Holografish. Carrying case included.

As described on the Offshore Innovation web site: "Holografish have become the most popular plastic dredge bait from the Florida Keys to the Northeast Canyons. What makes these baits unique is the mylar strip molded inside using a patented production method. Holografish are truly lifelike in all aspects- from their detailed shape, notched tail allowing a realistic swimming action, and unbelievable flash and transparency. Many hard core natural bait fishermen have switched to Holografish for their dredge baits, from their tedious to rig and expensive disposable natural baits."

This dredge retails for well over $300.00, I am asking $200.00

Call me if you have any questions, 609-425-3727 and ask for Justin.
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