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Home in bed sick today along with my little one when FedEx pulls up:huh:
WOW an order from Bass Pro!!!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
It was my Toho Livewell and a torney weight in bag.The livewell seem to be well put together BUT I found a few flaws and made a few mods all while in bed(wife going to love this)
Brackets that hold it to the sides were very sharp I even cut my finger on one. Went to the garage n grinded edges reel quick them taped the hell out of them.
Hole for pump wires was not drilled my Batman knife was the ticket for that.
Instructions said motor wires were Brown and White still haven't found a white wire!
It came with some junk plastic rivets I didn't like them or use them instead used S/S hardware
Toho used a plastic wire tie thing to mount spray bar and the QUALIFIED INSTALLER from Korea or China or wherever put them on backwards and like regular wire ties are a ONE time thing.
Don't think I'm going to use it but the divider plate was to big and when installed caused a wild bow again Batman Knife trimmed it up.
I also screw a S/S screw into the drain plug and one into the lid and tied on 65lb braid as a teather to help from losing it.
All in All seems to be a nice thing and keep me busy for a few hours and along with Ciara and Sponge Bob had me stop running to the bathroom for awhile
Also shined up my reels alittle

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LOL sweet Dave. You added some mods to a great livewell system. You will enjoy that TOHO.
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