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too many hours on an OB?

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How many hours is too many for an outboard in saltwater? Also, I have been told the general rule of thumb is not to buy an outboard that is more than 10 yrs old with out new powerheads???? Thought or suggestions?
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Wow! I don't know where some of you guys got your numbers from either!

On my 2800 Vector, I just repowered with 2008 Yamaha 250 four strokes. Previous engines were 250 HPDI's. Both the boat/HPDI's brand new in 2005 and had right around 3000 hours on them near the end of 2008. At near 3000 hours, starboard motor ran strong, but port motor melted a piston from a lean out condition caused by a hole that had corroded in to a fuel barb coming off the port side shut off valve on the fuel tank(aluminum fuel barbs, replaced with brass). Engines were NEVER decarbed and rarely had Ring Free. New motors are 2008 250 four strokes and inside of 1 year have just about 800 hours on them. Looking forward to seeing how many hours I can crank out of these motors. Charter boat out of Marathon that I know runs year round and just had a set of Yamaha 250 four strokes(2005 model year) that he ran to 4100 hours. Sold the engines and repowered because 2007 was the last year of the push/pull 250 prior to the 250B which is a fly by wire motor. The 4100 hours 250 four strokes were still running strong when sold and still are. These engines were also NEVER decarbed and zero Ring Free. This isn't to say that everyone shouldn't decarb or use a carbon additive, as running the engines every day definitely reduces your carbon build up - especially when you don't troll(although Brian down in FL trolls a lot).

Moral of the story - toss them other numbers out the window! :wave:
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