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Saturday, May 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] from 8am – 4pm, Tournament Cable will be hosting their annual Spring Open House. It’s been a long winter, so we are more than excited to kick open the doors and welcome in the public to see where everything is thought up, researched, designed, created, and produced. We’ll have all the new product for 2014 on hand, as well as all the products you’ve come to love throughout the years, and a few surprises you’ll definitely want to be here to see!

Captain Steve Spagnuola (F. Stop, Big Game Fishing Journal) will also be joining us – he’ll be here to share his extensive knowledge of shark fishing, and to demonstrate different kinds of shark rigs and shark bait rigging methods. Capt. Steve is one of the best in the area and has been for years, so we are thrilled to have him joining us for this year’s open house.

May 3rd also happens to be the same day as the South Jersey Strictly Boaters In-Water Boat Show , so if you’d like to make a day of it know you can hit both our Open House and the Strictly Boaters Show quite easily – we’re only a few miles away.

So come see the latest developments and product from the work benches of TC, come see the shop where it’s made, come learn about sharks from one of the best… come have a cup of coffee and check the newest dredges, bars, lures, rigs, plugs, teasers, baits, and all this year’s secret weapons. May 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] anytime between 8am – 4pm – We hope to see you here for Tournament Cable’s Annual Open House!!!
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