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Tournament Cable Kids Seminar - 3/13

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On Saturday, March 13th, Chuck Richardson and staff will be hosting a KIDS SEMINAR at Tournament Cable for children 12 and under. It will run from 8am - 12 noon, and will cover:

Basic Knots
Making a daisy chain teaser
Making a ballyhoo rig
Rigging hoos

This hands-on learning experience is limited to 12 seats, and students take home everything they make. There is no cost to attend, but we do ask that you register early to reserve your space.

We do hope you'll join us for the first ever Tournament Cable Kids Seminar. Contact [email protected] to register, or for more information call the office at 800 979 FISH.

Hope to see you there!!!

(Adult-care will be provided for any kids wishing to bring their parents.)
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Wow, What an awesome idea! Who else does anything for the kids in the fishing industry for free. I had the opportunity to meet chuck at the open house a couple weeks ago and he is a class act. We shared a couple of stories about my old commercial fishing days and some of the local guys That he knows and I worked with. keep up your Quest to motivate the young guns chuck. Oh by the way I'm heading to Puerto Rico next week to do some fishing and surfing !

Anthony and I had a great time at the open house a few weekends ago. He's just about 3, so maybe a bit too young for this one, but to the extent any spots remain open when you get close to the date, let me know if it would be ok to bring him. I don't want to take a spot from a kid who would get more out of it at this point.

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Thats a good thing your doing sir!!!!
Dmolero, I will. I missed you guys at the open house by about a half hour, but Chuck told me how much fun your little guy had, and what a nice visit it was with both of you.

When the date gets closer I'll let you know in the way of open spots. If you want, shoot me an email or PM, just so I have your info.

Talk to you!

ps...Loved the pic!

Spoke to my daughter Carly and she is very excited about attending the seminar and to begin learning rigging basics.

See you on the 13th at 8am

Captn Joe
Tell Carly we can't wait to meet her too. It's going to be a fun day. :D
Just got back from "chilly" Miami and found Kelly going full steam ahead with the preparations for the seminar. It's shaping up to be a nice little event for the kids.

So far we have heard from Marlin Magazine and they will be providing 2 year subscriptions to Marlin Magazine to every kid. Nantucket Bound will be providing materials as well as American Fishing Wire too.

So, besides keeping all they rig in-house they will each be going away with a nice package of goodies too.

This is going to be fun!!!!!!!!!!!
Great idea! My daughter is 7 weeks she too young??? :D I cant wait until she is older and we can do stuff like this!
Great Idea

I got my the boys signed up. They are excited to go over to T/C and learn a few more of "Chucks Tricks" with rigging & knot tying etc.
If you guys want to take advantage of a great opportunity then sign your kid up. Chuck is openening up his entire workshop to those who are interested in learning about fishing tackle. Chuck is providing all the rigging kits and his time and shop to teach our young ones. Talk about passing on the tradition of sportfishing:bow::bow:
See you on March 13th Chuck:thumbsup:
We still have a few seats left if anyone is interested! :D
Way for Tournament Cable to train the next generation of awesome anglers!!!! I might have to stop by with the mascots!!!

Mary @ Off the Hook
WHAT'S UP CHUCK :rolleyes: I e-mailed Kelly to sign up Charles Jr
he's looking forward to it,if you need anything give me a call Thanks :thumbsup:
Off the Hook

Can you put Rusty in a Shark Suit and send him over to T/C so the kids can practice Catch & Release:razz:
Mary, we would love to have you guys come down with the dogs! And if Rusty wants to wear his shark suit too, we're not going to stop him :) Just as long as he doesn't wear his ICP mask, I think we'll be Ok :eek:

I'll give you a call!
Ready and Raring to Go!

Well we're all set and ready for this weekend's Kid Seminar here at Tournament Cable.... supplies in order, stations set, squids ready, and everything prepared to welcome the gang of junior anglers to our shop. Chuck's going to post some pictures in a little bit of the "supply bags" he has ready for the kids, and I'm still in the process of collecting all the prizes and goodies people donated for the event. It's going to be a great day this saturday, and Chuck and I are really excited!

There have been a lot of generous people involved in preparing this, so we want to certainly be sure to thank the following:
SeaTow (
Ande (
American Fishing Wire (
Off The Hook Bait and Tackle (
The Bass Barn (
Marlin Magazin (
Sportfishing Magazine (
DavidMac! Design (
Jack's Shack Sandwiches in Stone Harbor (609 368 4565)
Jerry the Pizza Guy :D

Be on the lookout after the event for pictures, stories and fun. We are all keyed up for this weekend, and can't wait! Three days and counting!
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From Chuck, the bags for the kids...

(click on the thumbnail pic for the full view)...

Only 2 more days till Saturday. The boys are excited, see you on Saturday:thumbsup:
Kelly, Chuck,
Wow, that is amazing, I had no idea this grew in support. I did speak to
John Wilson and he said he was supplying Hoagies from the Shack. (Thanks John & Dee)

Carly is excited, and she is a good kid and won't be too shy. It will be nice to see her learn & gain - what I am sure will be life long memories - from your seminar. She will be surprised to see what is waiting for all participants with your kit and I am keeping my mouth shut.

She wants to show Capt Val, & Frankie ( Warden Pass) she can help rig at this year's Shark Tourney.:fighting:

In advance I thank you all -who have helped in this -
Captn Joe
It looks like it's going to be a great day for the kids. Thier tackle bags are ready and bars waiting to be rigged. Looking forward to some fun.

Mucho clams is providing some pizza and shack some nice eats too. We might even have something for the parents too.

It all starts at 8

See you all there!!
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