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towsends inlet

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I am looking to catch my first striper at towsends inlet. What is the best bait or spot. Help please:)
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Live bait or plugs around the rockpiles maybe. You're a little late though now bro. The main body of fish are way south of us. Gonna have to wait until Spring time.
what live bait should i get and where can i get it. how about corsons inlet
Are you going to be fishing from shore or a boat? I get almost all of my bait from "My Wife's Rod/Reel Repair" just outside of sea isle and The Girls Place in Port Elizabeth.

As for corsons, don't waste your time in the back bay part of it. Some guys like fishing the beach out in front of Corsons, but I don't.

For this spring head out when you hear of the first striper being caught off the beach (prob around march/april). Pick a spot and throw out some fresh clam or clam bellies. Dead stick the rod(stay close to it), don't allow the fish to run before setting the hook. I use 7/0 octopus hooks for clam. You can also try some fresh bunker on another setup with a 9/0-10/0 hook. I personally use baitfeeders for bunker.

If you have any questions about bait/rigs/rod and reel setup, e-mail me at [email protected]. I am always willing to help and even fish with you if you want.
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ok thanks at towsends inlet what should i use. I am only going for a couple hours and i want to catch anything possible.
i am only 14 and a diehard fisherman for my age. I just want to catch a striper
no joe mcnamara
what do i need to do to catch a striper
email me and I will get you started
i am going to twsends inlet and what d i need to do to catch a striper.
Not familiar with towsends but I would bring multiple types of lures. Bucktails, avas w/ and w/out tails, bombers, paddletail Shad, fin-s a few differnt colors n sizes. Not sure about bait but i'm assuming spot would be good if u are able to get it. Good luck:thumbsup:
i'll try that
it's a little late in the seasons but there's always a chance
Die hard fisherman or not...stripers are gone for now. Try plugging around the rockpiles on the avalon side or go for some tog. If you had a boat, you could try anchoring above the sod banks in the back of avalon while chumming. Being only 14, that may be difficult.

If you want to catch anything, clam bellies or squid with a simple bottom rig will catch the trash fish that are fun to fight
Use a fishfinder rig with clam and you can get lucky. Post a pick when you get a nice one.
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