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transferring boat and trailer reg from nj to pa-where do i start?

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bought a boat from a guy in nj who has boat tile and trailer title with registration-where do i start to get info tranferred to pa(Reg, and tiltle) and where does trailer insurance fall under (home, auto, boat) not realy sure where to start. half a month to pick up the boat any help appreciated-pb
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Start a PA tag place that does boats and trailers. The seller must be with you. Or you can have them sign the titles but they must be notarized and you need a bill of sale. Separate the cost of the trailer, boat and motor.

here is a list of places.

Just a list if FAQs

My auto insurance covers the boat and trailer when it is being towed. The boat insurance covers the boat when it is on the water.
You can live out of state and have a boat registered here, in fact, somewhere in the regs I beleive it says that if you run your boat in NJ for more than 180 days you HAVE to register it here so they can get their fees.

If you slip your boat in NJ in a marina, the tax guys cruise the zone all the time looking for out of state boats to whack with fines....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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