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Tried Graveling point friday Report

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Guys I went out To GP today to try my luck. I got out in the evening a little before low tide about 5:30. the tide was still moving out but I didn't get any hits till the sun went down then I had about 5 hits in about the next half hour. No takers but still got the heart pumping. It was nice to just get out there but was butt cold.

I was just wondering how you strike on these early stripers. Do you wait till you feel them start to run off with the bait or do you strike at the lite taps? Thanks for any info.


Still a great time out on the sod banks.
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can any one please tell me where graveling point is and how to get their from phila. thank-you
MikeRider... Graveling Point is in Mystic Island NJ, near Tuckerton... go to to get info.
Hey 445,

It's hard to say.Sometimes they hit it like there's no tommorow and sometimes they sit there and just tap on it.However,if you get one of them 30+incher hitting it,they just engulf the whole thing....Good Luck!!
The hits could have been perch. It is not uncommon to catch perch there in the spring. I must have passed you on my way out. I was able to get a short on Sunday but the rest of the week was a bust. The fish are also very lethargic when the water is cold. They will just peck away at your bait.
fm tuna i thank-you very much for that info. I do know where tuckerton nj is.
fm tuna i thank-you very much for that info. I do know where tuckerton nj is.
Way to go on that Sunday striper Frayed! Are you fishing from boat or beach there Rick?
Hey Bry whats up? I was sod bank hopping. The boat is in mothballs but I will start working on it soon.
Graveling Point is at the end of Radio Rd. in Mystic Is.
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