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After striper fishing most of the night, I woke my son up for some trout fishing this morning at 4am. A few of our South Jersey lakes got stocked yesterday with a substantial amount of Rainbow Trout.
Did well in the dark on mealworms, powerbait was the ticket once the sun came up. My son had a blast and I wanted to pass along the stocking info for some of you guys to get the kids out one last time before winter sets in.
These fish will last a while if released carefully, some years we've caught trout straight through until the closure before opening day.
The bag limit is set at 4 right now, 6 fish is only during the spring.
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Thanks Far. Conditions have been ideal for stripers and trout alike. Plenty to be had in the northerly rivers on nymphs. Bows and browns.
I went to lunch yesterday never came back. Just so happened to be the trout truck sitting at my local wtaering hole. I must of caught all 480 of them. Don't worry I let em all go. My pour rooster tail was chartruese when I started,now it looks like it was never painted. Their still some Freshwater fishing left you just gotta work alot harder now.
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