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truck rack

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i have a pick up truck and i see guys with custom racks in there cars. Anyone have and pictures of there racks in there truck beds? I see some trucks having there sticks back on an angle and not straight up? can some one help me out there cause i want to add this to my truck as well...thanks
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Rear truck rack

Here is a pic of one I made it has the white pvc caps on each tube(I hadn't put them on before the pic), thats for sale if your interested. I'm putting a cap on the truck so I can't use it.
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I was told to set the angle on mine tom 22* degrees so my poles wouldn't rattle around .
Check out the BB advertisers under Welding/Marine Fabrications - I forget which one it was but I saw some nice pics of truck bed options on one of the sites. You can drop the coin, or, at the very least it may give you a few ideas for your own creation

I had this one made from Norms Custom Welding in Lanoka Harbor. I wanted the rack curved down in the bed of my Truck so when no rods are in it the cover will roll right over the top of it. Norm made it to fit into the Utility Tracks around the sides of the bed.
hey joe thats what i am looking for... how much did that cost you if you don't mind?
I make one that hooks on the bed easy on and off or I'll make you any thing you want my cell 609-827-7954
working late tonight give me a call:thumbsup:
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hey joe thats what i am looking for... how much did that cost you if you don't mind?
I believe it was around $300.

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thanks for the info called yesterday ordered a rack great prices
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