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Trying to go for winter flounder this sun..which bay you recommend?

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Planning on trying for some winter flounder this weekend on sunday. This will be the first break in of the new boat and i want to give em a shot while im out there. I understand i need clam and oyster chum and fish em with bloodworm pieces on smal small hooks. im just curious as to which bay or which area i should give em a shot at. Lemme know what you guys think
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Barnegat Bay,stop on over at Fishermens Headquarters in Shipbottom for the latest information and reports....
Good Luck Sunday.Let Us Know How You Made Out.
Shark river is usualy a sure bet for some flounder..thats whree ill be...But barnegat bay has some good flounder fishing, espeicaily around oyster creek. good luck.
any recommended boat launches at either place? i need a decent one for this new boat, pretty deep boat and i dont wanna risk anything. Also i dont mind paying for the ramp
Originally posted by NIGHTSTRIKES:
Barnegat Bay,stop on over at Fishermens Headquarters in Shipbottom for the latest information and reports....
Good Luck Sunday.Let Us Know How You Made Out.
When NightStrikes says Barnegat Bay he is refering to the lower portion of the bay known as Manahauken Bay, which is where the Causeway bridge (9th st.)is entering Ship Bottom, LBI. Stop in Fish Heads on the right as he told you and get some clam logs, blood worms and flounder rigs. The boat ramp is on 10th street, Ship Bottom which is right where you want to go.

If you make up cooked rice, frozen corn, cat food (seafood style), canned chopped clams, and clam juice at home and freeze it, you can use that for chumming.
This is true, Barnegat Bay is very big,, Thanks..
Is there anyplace to fish for them from the shore and have a fair chance at getting some? I got one from this beach this past winter while Striper fishing, but I have a feeling that the beach wouldn't be consistent. Are they like the summer flatties where they'll migrated through the inlets? Would fishing the Manasquan Inlet produce? Just curious, as I'd really like to hook into some, but don't have a boat... :(
Yeah, They migrate just like fluke do. When the winter flounder are leaving the fluke are moving/moved in. It's a little early for the inlet. The back water is where you'll find them. Stop by your local tackle shop bay/river side and have a chat. They catch winter flounder off of bulkheads down in Barnegat and Forked River, so I'm sure there are places right near you that hold flounder

If you want to hit the Shark River, you can launch at the Belmar Marine Basin (just run I195 east til it ends and look for the party boats on your left). Their is a bait/tackle shop right there that will have what you need.

We've always fished the Manasquan Inlet in the fall and did well on Sabiki's and/or salted clams. You had to hit the incoming then. We've tried the spring run there with the outgoing but never did as well. I'm going to try it next week with the Sabiki's and Gulp bloods. I'll give up and get some clams if they don't produce.
how do you catch these winter flounder... any party boats go after them
Yes...the Norma K is targeting winter flounder now. half day trips. is the website. Good luck. Ill be renting a skiff in shark river with some buddies. only 45$ a day, not bad.
I concur with the Shark River advise. Catch em up!

You're better off renting the skiff if the weather's good. We went on the "NormaK" a few times. Despite what they told us, they used that little pig boat the Miss Pt. Pleasant. They make two drops or so during the day. Although I've heard of people doing well, it was never that way when I was aboard. Maybe it was me. Sounds like sour grapes but if a spot doesn't produce in an hour or so, time to move, and they hardley ever did. I caught one fish in three trips and my son, who usually out does me, caught none. The boat was always railed on weekends but few fish, 20-30 was the max on one trip for the boat. We've caught more from shore at both Manasquan and the Shark. If you're just looking for a day on the water, however, it's great.

The Raritan Bay boats always seem to take on a lot fish. People keep picking up WF from shore at the bay also. With the new "advisory" (one meal a month from Raritan or NY Harbor)" , however, it sounds dicey.
should be good next weekend with the predicted warmup this week.

Either the AH party boats, or rentals on the shark for me
reports so far is shark river is the best bet.rental boats had their limits.good luck
Are any winter flounder caght on a regular basis south of Barnegat Bay? I'm thinking the Great Bay or Egg Harbor.

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Welcome Flyer! A friend and I are gonna give it a try even further south then that. I will post if we make it out! I know they used to kill'em in the back south of OC....just don't hear about it anymore?!? Get'em Wet! Pig
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