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I don't like fishing in the cold, im sorry lol.. went ice fishing a few times and it's just not for me. I use my time indoors and fiddling with lures. In today's post, i'll be sharing my most used and simple hair jig, the Marabou Jig. So simple and catches all sorts of fish. I use it mainly for trout and creek fishing for smallies and panfish but I have caught largemouth, crappies, bluegills, snakehead, creek chub and a few more.

All you need is a jighead, painted or not, up to u, some marabou feathers, some chenille, flash if u are into that and you are set!

So simple yet so effective and deadly. I would say the marabou jig would be a core lure to learn because there are so many mutation of this lure as people customize it to make it work in the waters they fish. The wooly bugger jig is an example and it only have 1 additional material: Hackle!

Enjoy the video and I hope to bring you guys some killer fishing videos this spring using this lure!

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