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Twas the night before opening day...
and down by the river
McD had fallen in and was starting to shiver
The flies were all tied in the vice with care.
In hopes that the trout would bite on some hair.
Tommy was all snugged up in his waders,
while at the fire Lido was a cookin' his taters.
Kelly in his vest and Jon in his hat
had just wandered down to chew on some fat.
when out in the pool there arose such a clatter
We sprang from our breakfasts to see what's the matter
Over to my rod, I tripped and I crashed.
Unrigged the line and shot out a cast.
When what to my drifting flash back should appear,
but a silvery brown trout left over from last year.
He zigged and he zagged all about the pool.
But my rod was too strong and I started to rule.
To the top of the rod, to the end of the tippet
I knew that I'd have him in just but a minute.
He was silvery and scaley form his snout to his fin
His spots were orange and he wasn't that thin.
He had a whole wad of scuds jammed down his belly.
That shook when he swam like a bowl full of jelly
He was chubby and plump, a right fat old fish.
Now should I release him or cook in the dish?
But with a swish of his tail and a toss of the head
I knew that I now had nothing to dread.
He spat out the fly and turned with a jerk
Darted into the current, Hey..nice work,
but I heard him exclaim as he swam out of site.
Happy opening day to all and to all a good fight.


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leedz Nice. Ron
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