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Two Chams Two Nice Fish

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Went out Thursday by myself, nice day, very little w*#d. Set up at Tussy on the end of the out going inside the fleet. Had the first fish in the boat,a 42"er within ten minutes. Baited up and started rigging my second line and bang,the fight was on. After a twenty minute fight on light tackle ,the second striper came over the rail, a 46"er, too large to net, had to grab it under the gills to boat it. I was limited out in less then an hour. Two clams two fish. It doesn't get any better then that.
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on poverty beach last fall 2 rods 1 Clam 3 minutes Two stripers 35"-27 1/2 done, gone home!!
Nice, very nice!

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Very nice, sounds like it was a lot of fun.
Nice job two beauties right off the bat.Don't get no better than that.Then you have those other days I know everybody has because I know I sure have 6 dozen clams 10 hours NO BITES!It would be to easy without those days.
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