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Two Penn 50SW (2-spd wide spool) reels with matching Penn Tuna Stick Rods for sale. Both are in excellent operating condition, recently serviced by Penn including new drags and not used since. They were customized by Cal's Two Speed in California to put out up to 40-lb.s of drag at full so they can be fished with 50 or 80-pound test effectively. Both also sport Area Rule T-Bar power handles.

They are currently loaded with 80 lb Cortland Dacron under 100 yards of 100-lb. Hi-Seas Red Devil Hi-Vis line. If you don't like the red mono will strip that off and put on a top shot of 80-lb smoke blue Hi-Seas Grand Slam or 80-lb Quattro camo line and will throw in a new 1-pound spool of Grand Slam 80, enough to fill both reels.

Reels are on 5-1/2 foot Penn Tuna Sticks (2255 ARA) rated for 50 to 130. Very beefy rods with removable AFTCO short stand-up Unibutts, not the plastic slick butts, and full AFTCO roller guides. White blank, black and gold wraps. Both are in good shape.

These outfits have caught bluefin to 450 pounds, sharks and bigeye tuna without breaking a sweat, which is more than I can say about the angler. Neither outfit was fished much and not at all in the past three years.

They cost $750 each without the drag modification and T-handles. Will sell both for $950. Drop me an email [email protected] if you're interested.
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