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I fished 3x since my last post and im starting to think that I forgot how to fish.

Fished the shoreline access of the manasquan reservoir, bunch of nothing.

Fished my usual place in howell twice, got one hit, wooo.

Spent some money today, because nothing catches fish like new lures. I got a couple spinnerbaits, a jointed rapala, a bag of senkos, and one of those chatterbait things.

Went to a lake in bricktown, decent wind, so I found a stand of trees to hind behind. Worked the rapala, nothing, worked a spinnerbait, nothing. Took out my new chatterbait, and after fifteen minutes of screaming at it to figure out where to tie my line to, I threw it for a while and caught nothing. Braved the wind and worked around the lake for nothing.

Im starting to think that I forgot how to fish. Im going to try somewhere different this week. Possibly trout fishing up north later this week.

Call me if you want to join, or laugh at me. Joe 732-575-2164
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