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just to keep up interest there are some good pix and videos here

First off, thank you very much for signing the Fix Magnuson Now
petition. You are in the company of over 4,700 other fishermen and folks
who work in fishing-dependent businesses who also signed. If you were
with us in Washington, thanks as well. The estimated 4,000 to 5,000 of
us that were there made a significant impression on the Members of
Congress and with the media (and with the anti-fishing movement as
well). It was the largest group of fishermen united behind a single
cause that anyone we've been dealing with has ever seen, and a lot of
people in Washington are taking our complaints about federal fisheries
management a lot more seriously than they were before the rally.

The United We Fish website ( has links to some
of the media coverage of the rally. Among the best is the spot that the
World Fishing Network did
(, but all of the
coverage I've seen was favorable.

I did a column, Fishermen Find Their Voice, for my regular series
Another Perspective. In it I address the reaction of the new National
Marine Fisheries Service head, Eric Schwaab, to the rally. The column is
available at

At this point The rally/petition organizers are determining on what our
strategy will be for going forward. Most obviously, we will be
continuing to support Congressman Pallone's and Senator Schumer;s
flexibility legislation. This is our foundation, but it isn't our
ultimate goal. While we haven't yet finalized our plans, be assured that
we will be continuing and expanding the campaign, and we're going to be
depending on you and on the folks that you enlist to keep the ball rolling.

You can check on the United We Fish website (url above), the
Recreational Fishing Alliance website ( or the
Fix Magnuson Now blog ( to stay
up to date on our progress. We will be sending regular email updates as

For anyone who wishes to be added to this list, have them send an email
to [email protected] with "Subscribe" in the subject line. To
have your email address removed from the list, reply to this message
with "Remove" in the subject line.

Again, thank you very much for your participation. With you, your
friends, your associates and with people in fishing dependent businesses
who you contact, we will get the job done.

Keep on fishing,
Nils Stolpe

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