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Fished the VA BEACH SHOOTOUT with Jerry Harris the HANDYMAN. View attachment 23259

We left from Chris Hill's place on wedensday, sorry you couldnt make the trip chris..Thanks for letting me keep the truck there.

We Met the guys towing the In$ufficent Fund$ 27 contender to VA Beach.
And headed south.

Got there in time for the Capt meeting,

Met up With CheapShot Harry, and the Nunn boys.
Had a great time.

We decided to Fish the Artifical division rather than the open.
In hindsight maybe not the best decision..But the best one at the time.

The First day of fishing went well, we were able to put our 3 weigh in fish in the box. View attachment 23261

Also had a nice double header. View attachment 23262
We Were fishing MOJO and umbrella rigs, streches. all were working.

Alot of nice fish weighed in fishing was good.

The ride on the 38Fountain View attachment 23260 was good we were able to cruise at 50+ to the grounds.

Fri,,cold, a little windy. no fish. boat still ran great.

SATURDAY was a BEAST, windy, rolling seas with white caps all round.
We could only get about 30mph coming home.

Had a great award dinner and after time:D

We hung with insufishent funds and the cheapshot team
MOST of the nite,
GREAT TIME, ready to go again
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