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Position Polling
Position Request

What is position request or position polling

Also referred to as DSC polling, track your buddy, Position report & location polling. This feature of your VHF can be used to track your friends and buddies position on your chartplotter

Position Polling is a feature of many DSC enabled VHF radios. DSC radios transmit & receive on channel 70 emergency signals and other important data including MMSI identity and location if GPS is input into the radio.

To use Position Polling you contact a friend using DSC ( you must know his/her MMSI number), and if you both have a GPS connected to your VHF you can exchange positions. If you have a chartplotter you can see this position on the chart as in the image below.

In an emergency, Position Polling is used with the DSC RED button, to send your location to emergency and any vessels in your VHF range.

C-Map chart showing "Position Request"

You can see in the diagram above the black circle with red center is you. You have the MMSI number of a friend within VHF range. Plug this into your VHF and you will get the black box showing the position of your friend. Notice the box shows date and time of the fix, plus distance and bearing from your position.

There are many uses for position polling and they include:

Cruising in company
Tracking tenders
Setting racing marks
Tracking Charter Boats
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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