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Vintage Fishing Reels

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Check These Babies Out......
Anybody Ever Hear or Fish With These ???

Thommen Record 50-400 Fishing Reel/Made in Switzerland

DAM-Quick Super Fishing Reel/ Made In Germany

I want to Thank Craig (Capt.Kirk) for sending
me these Old Fishing Reels,It's Become Quite a
Hobbie For Me Collecting These Antigue Fishing
Items and Hearing Stories on how this equipment
was used in the hey day....

Thanks For Your Replys....
And Happy Holidays....................

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I fish with a DAM Quick that my grandfather gave me on a somewhat regular basis. I have had it for about 25-30 years. My guess is the reel is at least 40 years old. You see them on ebay.
I have one just like the upper one! It is black however. The shape and the rear drag knob give it away. Mine is jammed however as the spool hits against the bowl.
I have another reel that is pretty neat. It is a baitcaster with no drag mechanism. I asked about it on here a while ago and some said they were familiar with it. I have one other that I kinda cherish, it is a Pezon Mitchel. A very flat reel with all brass and stainless parts. As a kid I used to use it with way heavy line
and then later realized it was a much lighter reel. I have not used it in a very long time but it is loaded with some super limp 4 lb line.
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I still plug with a green 710 on occasion. My grandfather had several diff. sizes of the Green Penns. After he passed I collected a half dozen off of ebay.
I have a RU-PACIFIC. it's similar to the top one. Made in France. drag on front,with a funny hook shaped bail
I grew up fishing with a DAM-quick that was my Fathers. It was a black one. Also still use a green 710 Penn that was his also. I love to know how many fish that reel has caught. Someone told me I shouldn't use it because they are collectables. Whats the fun in that.
Here's a few I have.

DAM Quick 110's , have a pair I fish freshwater with.
CRACK 200's, have a pair I use plugging, they have a large spool for their size, smooth drag, anti reverse clickers are annoying.
RuMer 672, surf reel. I believe it was made in France.
Shakespeare Criterion, 1960as, model ga. even in the box with care inst.
Cycloid micromatic, made in Chicago, this is a small conventional for freshwater.

Some of these were my fathers, Some, I bought at yard sales. OLDIES BUT GOODIES. :D ;)
I have some stuff Ill send ya if you are collecting. I have a few reels and some lures. Nothing great but cool stuff. Email me your address. Keith
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