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I am selling this because I can't convince my wife to get her concealed carry permit. I got this for her about 6 years ago, and have only fired about 200 rnds though it. It was new/unfired when I bought it. Comes w/ two 7 rnd mags ( one w/ the grip extension , one without), two holsters (used, but in good shape), original box and paperwork. I have carried it myself a few times and it is very easily concealed. I like the gun alot, but I have too many to justify keeping it. I am asking $350.00. That seems to be a pretty fair price, according to the prices I have seen on some used gun sites. I would like to sell to someone in CT so we can do the paperwork ourselves, but I can have it sent to an FFL holder in other states for additional fees.
I can't figure out how to post a pic but i can e mail ya one
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