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Want to do some fishin?

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Looking to fish with fellow fisherman
-1 weekday this week if possible
-from shore or even ice
-freshwater or saltwater
-can fish from 9am on till no later than 4:30 or earlier (4-6hrs of fishing)
-anywhere in nj,pa,de,md thats within 2hrs or so 1way drive from Phila,pa area or less
-You pick the place ,type of fishing etc .
-I will provide some funds for the trip and your transportation if needed. If your up for it send me an email reply. Thanks,Phil
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hey guys i checked out that thread about barnabys i think i would really like to go, do you have anymore info- BTW this would be the first barn related event i have attended not sure how you guys will take to a young buck like me i'm only 22 but i fish like i'm 50 or whatever that means :D
bob- i'll be there finally wanna start putting some faces to names and there's nothing i'd rather talk than fishing
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Bob i'm from Doylestown- i found directions on mapquest not to far at all- look forward to meeting you guys
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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