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WANTED: 12'-14' project boat

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I am looking for a beat up little boat to fix up. I have a 4hp sitting in my garage, and id like to put it on a project boat I could fix up. If any one has one sitting in there yard and would like to get rid of please let me know. It could be alluminum, fiberglass, doesnt matter. Im looking to spend from $100-$200 at most. Plese let me know if you have one avalible.
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There is a 12' fiberglass Sears Gamefisher type around the corner in a guy's driveway...hasn't moved in a long time...looks like it's on a trailer....I mean, from the street it all looks like crap....I could stop and ask (after the snow goes away)
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sea robbin- I would greatly appreciant if you would ask about it for me. Let me know. Thanks!
O.K. Will do. Give me a few days.
Captain Phil, I stopped and asked. He is not interested. Sorry.
Capt. Phil,

I've got a small aluminum tub that needs some work. Send me an email if you're interested. [email protected]
Ive got a 1974-78 15' tri-hull fabuglass boat on a trailer that is sitting in my warehouse in cranbury. It was given to me by someone who described it as an abandoned CC but it is not a CC. They have yet to provide me with any paperwork for it. The woman keeps promising me the title (she has it but its in someone else's name) I cannot guarantee it, for I have been waiting on it since november.

Its free for the taking - you would just have to pick it up M-F 9-5 and have an extra tag for the trailer and trip home.

I don't have any pics right now my dig camera is at a friends house and I will not be getting it back anytime really soon.

It needs some work, glass and seating & floors and has an old Johnson Sea Horse 150hp on it.

Anyone interested, email me at [email protected]
No thanks finstinct. Thats just a little bigger then what I am looking for, but thanks anyway
I just bought a 15 foot Alum. W/trailer and a 40 Johnson. The title doesn't say what year it is but it was a run-about but now it doesn't have a windshield. It still has controls and steering.

I was thinking about taking the top off and making it an open boat.

Let me know if you're interested. :D
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