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Ive got a 1974-78 15' tri-hull fabuglass boat on a trailer that is sitting in my warehouse in cranbury. It was given to me by someone who described it as an abandoned CC but it is not a CC. They have yet to provide me with any paperwork for it. The woman keeps promising me the title (she has it but its in someone else's name) I cannot guarantee it, for I have been waiting on it since november.

Its free for the taking - you would just have to pick it up M-F 9-5 and have an extra tag for the trailer and trip home.

I don't have any pics right now my dig camera is at a friends house and I will not be getting it back anytime really soon.

It needs some work, glass and seating & floors and has an old Johnson Sea Horse 150hp on it.

Anyone interested, email me at [email protected]
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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