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With the warm upcoming week, how do you think the water temp. will affect the fishing this weekend? I am thinking we are gonna see the first big runs of baitfish, and that means bluefish time and more blitzes!

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Good Question...
Both BackBay and Ocean Temps are running in
the Mid-Sixties right now along the South
Jersey Coast...With DayTime Air Temps expected
to be close to 90 over the next couple of days
expect a spike in those temperatures...
What I do see later in the week into the
weekend is a more easternly wind direction
forcasted,and thats a good thing...It will
keep any Bait and hungry Gamefish close to
the shores...Look for some more agressive
Fish hitting plugs,jigs etc,and maybe some
impressive Fish being landed on the beaches...

Good Luck Out There.,,,
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