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Many items for sale all related to waterfowl hunting:

1) John Kalash 2-man layout boat. New, never used made by John Kalash himself. Not a knockoff or reproduction. Includes spray shield and mooring cleats. New = $2400 from John. Now = $1200. This is the same boat that MLB's are now selling. Doa Google search of "John Kalash" and you can see how popular and well respected this layout boat actually is.

2) Gus Heinricks sneakbox from mid 1990's. Of course it's a cedar box complete with spray curtain, decoy racks, motor bracket. Fiberglass on top and bottom with cloth and epoxy resin. In excellent condition .... very little use. $1200 with trailer

3) Bank 1-man layout boat - Hercules Edition - New - $1500. Includes spray curtian, cockpit cover

4) Merrimac Scull Boat - Built in Maine in 1950. Stored inside and completely unused by builders son until 2007 when my Dad bought it. It was bought unfinished, unpainted and unfiberglassed. Could have been a museum piece. It was epoxy fiberglassed and painted and used about 6 months until my father's passing. Hasn't been used since. $1500 with trailer and 2 sculling oars. This is an excellent vessel.

5) Still have a few decoys lying around but sold most of the 500+ decoys that we collectively owned.

6) Have a few small outboard motors from 3.5 to 20 hp. Most are Nissan and all run great.

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