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We are back, thank god

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Well i figured I would make the first post here in the Striped Bass forum to get things re-established so to speak. I missed you all and want to welcome everyone back. Just like an absence is good for a marriage I think this little outage made my heart grow fonder. :D Good to be back and I look forward to reading all your threads.

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Ron, I have a complaint.
On 7/13 I went in for knee surgery. On 7/14 I cleared my head enough from the pain killers to hobble over to my computer only to find the site shut down. I have been stuck in the house since then and I was figuring to keep up with the fishing news on the barn. I have been going nuts. This has caused me additional pain and suffering.
I guess I'll be ok now. I should be back fishing in a week or two.

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It's great to see the site is up & running again.

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