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Good news, check that GREAT NEWS!!!

Out tonight and got into MASSIVE schools of weakfish. Did not realize they were weakies until I snagged one with a treble. And it gets better, they were all juveniles, about 12-16 inchers. Thickest I have ever seen them actually. Followed that up with millions of bunker, chased by just blues unfortunately. Caught plenty ,all back in. Had some of the best fishing action I have ever had tonight, almost did not believe I was in Jersey.

Hit the sods on the way home and lost 2 stripers, but all in all a banner night, and not too worried anymore about the trout.

Hopefully this means we are just seeing species fluctuations with the last couple of years. Next 2 should be good for weakies!!

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Good Sign Dr.Bass,,,
I knew they would show,better late then never.
If I remember correctly they showed about the
same time last year,about a month later then
Those 13-16" fish will end up in commercial nets this winter off North carolina and fed into cat food
Come on Willie you are killing me.

What's the limit size for those netters?? Serious, they use it for cat food??
Sounds like a great night DB.
It was Tom

I have never seen so many weakfish or bunker. At one point the bunker had to be covering 6 square football fields. They moved right through us. We sat right smack in the middle for a good 45 minutes.

Still don't know what the hell the weakies were feeding on, maybe sand-eels?? Anybody know??
Sorry but Willie is right. We always seem to have lots and lots of small fish up here. They never come back though. We get a good run of tiderunners, but nothing in the medium range. Been that way for many years now.
I've been told by guys in North Carolina, that the commercial netters off the coast really rip up the grey trout(weakfish) when they migrate back South. One guy told me that they will net thier limit and sell the catch too a fish processing plant, which in turn puts out a product used for cat food. many times when there's a lot of netting activity, they supply will be greater than the demand, and the netters will only get 1 cent/lb., but just keep netting because they can. Sorry Willie, but it's true.
That sucks!!
Stop counting at 20. It all started after snagging 2 of them when I confused them for being bunker. Then I realized the blitz was all weakies. The bunker came in an hour later. Switched over to a shiner storm and me and a bud got about 20+ between the two of us.
general area ? Ocean,bay, back? North, south central?

thanks! great news and report! By the way, we were into a similar school of weaks last week in the bay off the concrete ship...we even caught two on a WaWa green pepper from a kidding!
Cape May County, ICW
My cat is reading this and drooling.
thats the best thing i have heard in 3 years im also droolin to get down there
Still good

More reports of adult bunker coming on today but it's been that way for about 10 days. They made it deep into the ICW last night, I can't find any big bass chasing them, trying everything. Last night the weakies were there and hitting like I am used to in past good years, blues just kept beating them to the punch.

I continue to see or not see the short bass in numbers of previous years. Used to be good for at least 4-5 per night, just not happening this year. Anybody else??
Guys, lived in southeastern Carolina for 10 years. When the weaks, as they call them, grey trout, hit the nearshore structure, the netters were gilling them within in no time. I had numerous days of catching countless trout, but then the netters would get word of there exact locale they'd circle the area which was over usually some sort of hard bottom. I never encountered a trout over 3lbs in my time in NC. Huge flounder, but tiny weaks. honestly it's a crying shame. NC would have some insane fishing, no that it doesn't now, if it went the way of florida and banned nets and related commercial gear. Sounds like you had blast the other night though.

That's pretty depressing. I hope the trout are bigger then that in Florida!!! Looks like I will have to replacd the striped one with Snook and Reds.
Speckled trout were numerous in Florida west coast this winter.
snook fishing just like Stripers, still looking for a decent redfish down there in Jan-Feb
Speckled trout don't get into North Carolina nets and Florida has some tough gill neting laws that has allowed this fishery to come back strong
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