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Week of April 26

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i have a vacation week for fishing and golfing the week of april 26, i dont not care where i golf, as i golf for my school and get to golf enough and it would just be to get out but where do you think would be the best place to go, either OBX, VA, MD, or rent a place somewhere in OC,NJ, i would be looking to take a charter once for stripers..i was looking to target big weaks and stripers where do you think would be my best chance for that week to catch some good action? thanks guys
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April 26, 2005. A day that will live in infamy on the "Dirty Deeds"

Two fishermen, 4 hours, 30 stripers, a limit of keepers, bushel of clam and more laughs then I can remember.

Fish man Fish!!!!
Skip, I will pass some kudos to you, here and now!

I learned everything I know about striper fishing in the Delaware Bay from Capt Skip of the "Stalker". So if anyone needs a great day of fishing call Capt Skip. I'm serious dude! You the man.

I still use the redhooks, but not for stripers, I went to darker colored hooks for them.

See on the water. Capt Tom (Redhook)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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