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What a day!

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I got done work early and Loose drag came down for a little fishin. We got out at the top of the tide(friday) for some flukin. I headed straight to a spot I remembered about from years ago. It has to be slow trolled. We started quick, witha couple keepers and a couple throw backs. One was about 3lbs. We then headed over to lakes bay. It was windy, so I left the motor runing to keep us in the chanel. I switched over to a 3" paddle tail on a jig head. As we were drifting along I felt a bump and set a hook. The fish started runnning like hell. I couldn't stop it or turn it. I have 20lb braid, and couldn't do anything. I told Loose to quickly turn the boat around so we could chase. He struggled to do that, and I ran out of braid and saw the backing, which abruply snapped :( . I was disgusted. So we went back to the slow troll spot. We banged out 4 more keepers to 3lb among a bunch of curious onlookers on there sportfishers ;) .
It started to get late so we shifted gears and ran the short distance out G.E. inlet. As darkness began to take over we had a Huge school of bunker move in. I started snagging them and it wasn't long before we had fish crashing them. Some appeared to be nice. I had a 5' brown follow up one of my snagged bunker.
It got dark and we didn't put any bass in the boat, although I know they were there. We took our fresh bunker and headed for a close location to set anchor and chunk. When we set up it was dead low with NO moving water. We threw out our chunks and Loose immidiatly hooked up. I thought it would be a shark, but it was a bass. We boated it and the boga read 20Lb. NICE FISH for july. A short time later and a few sharks later I had a drag screamer. We boated another striper. It was Identical to the first, wieghing in at 20lb. The tide just started to move, but exhaustion set in and we quit.
Grimreaper stopped by my house to get some stuff from Loosedrag and took a photo of the bass. When he sends them, I'll post them. What a great day on the water.

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sound like you had a great day. nice to hear it. about lakes bay i come out of sea village marina and always pass it. can it be fished at low tide or should i stick to high tide. if interested maybe we could hook up and bang some brownies. i have been doing extremely well behind o.c as well as margate.
Great job and great report!
FS, Lakes can be fished at any tide, but at low tide it is important to stay in the channel. It is clearly marked with stakes. the channel has some serious turns and bends, as well as a couple deep holes. One is all the way in the back of lakes bay by Bayport one, which is off the Black horse pike. That hole is 30' deep. It's the old Ventnor boat works. Good weakie hole, or atleast used to be when we had them. Lets hook up. Drop me an e-mail anytime.
Nice report eelball - sounds like you guys had a blast and thats a nice striper for this time of the year.
Hey George was thinking about fishing lakes bay but not sure where it is...:)..Anyway way to get e'm and theres nothing like being able to change gears and get in to them stripers...Got me going now..been buisy with my mom who is pretty sick but she is fighting and been spending a good bit of my time with her...I will see ya soon and hope to get in to them oneday with ya....Later Pazman
Yo eel Thanks again for an awesome trip! I told you I had that feeling we were gonna catch-em...
Them schools of bunks where awesome. Also nice to score big bass in july!!!Me and the kiddies ate the fluke tonight they loved it. Oh and that top secret fluke spot I would have never guessed to fish there, You really know that backwater.
George what a time you guys had....I would of loved to be there for all the action. I should of taken a picture of the flounder as well so you could show them as well.....Maybe next time...Check your mail!
Thanx grim. Pics in reports thread
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