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My punch list is getting longer each day?? Im going to take a few extra steps this year that I have been wanting to get out of the way! what are some things that you guys are doing aside from your basic spring maint??

here is the start of my list-

1-new trim tabs, bennett hyd.
2-new transducer (flush style tilted element
3-new chartplotter
4-new carbon fiber outriggers
5-new LED running and anchor light (looking foward to this one!)
6-mabye new underwater lights (tired of the old ones, poor quality!)

see you all offshore soon enough

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In order:

Looking to add a TR 1 or Furuno AP

Since my Loran is useless prolly pickup a new 740s Garmin, rigged with FF and lose my 582L. Flush mount in the overhead box. This gives my the Navnet2 as my primary CP and FF and the Garmin as a backup CP and FF.

Prolly move my batts forward, into hea area. utilize the battery boxes as extra storage by placing extra tackle trays.

Redoing cormer bolsters.

Getting the three line hallacks for permanently adding a third line to my riggers.

This all hinges on work remaining steady.
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