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What do you think about these rods?

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My old man brought be up from Flordia alot of his rod/reels as he sold his boat and i bought mine. I'll be fishing for stripers, drum, flounder.
Here's what i have and i was wondering if they are good all around rods for all three species or would you get something else?

(4) Penn Mariner 6'6" 15-30 lb rods with Penn 555 reels.
(6) Penn Senator Rods 6/0 6'6" 40-60 lb rods with Penn 6/0 reels.
I realize the 6/0 are a little heavy but wondered if they're to heavy for drum or trolling umbrella rigs.
I told him to leave the 9/0's in the garage as i'll take them when i get the boat i want..which will be when hell freezes over...atleast that what the wife says...hahaha.

Im thinking of having the 555 respooled with 30 lb mono and i have 50 lb on the 6/0.

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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