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Hey its been a long month. Lost my mom over Christmas and then my Aunt. Both had been battling cancer for some time. Been trying to get out for the Tog too but the weather (and my schedule) has ruined all my attempts.

I figure I should just start tying some rigs for next season which brings me to my question...

What hooks (style and size) does everyone use for various critters?

  • For Fluke -- I use simple rigs buck tails or lead heads w/meat mostly but if your adding a stinger what hooks do you prefer?

  • How about Tog/sheepshead in the back? What do you guys use? BTW, never caught a sheepshead but I'm going to try really hard in 2010. Its one of my top 3 fishing goals this year.

  • How about Trigger? All the reports last year really got me interested but, I've still never caught one -- not surprising since I've never really tried -- goal #2

In case you were wondering; goal #3 isn't really a fish so much as its to spend a lot more time on the water learning the backwater from WW-SIC.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you want to add something to my list have at it.
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