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Whats the plan?

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What are everyone's plans these last couple days in the backwater?

I wanna give it one more shot, although I feel it will be in vain, Im just keeping my hopes up

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The weather is going to warm up big time! I think you (we) ;) will be catching right up till 05!!!!
Sure hope you're right, Skip. I'll be out Tuesday, Wed , Thurs, and Friday :eek:
Im hoping also as I am heading down wensday, gonna give it a try behing OC.
I am goin as soon as i warms up a bit, will be out lookings for some fish, but will have the tog rigs ready just in case the water is too chilly.
I'm on vacation all week. I've hit the Honey-do list real hard the last 2 days. Tomoorow I'll wrap up all the projects I started. Then I'll end my year with some HARD-CORE December stripa fishin!! I'll bag a bass. And if I don't, I'll change my user name to Sissy boy.
Well my plans of hitting the backbays once more before the season ends got shot down. My summer boss called and he wants me to work til I go back to school.

Good luck to anyone who gives it a shot
Go Toggin
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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