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I've only started striper fishing 5 years ago. At first I used all store bought set ups, but the last 2 years I needed something to do during those ever exciting winter months. Each year I tied 40lb flouro leader about 4 feet with an albright knot, to the braid, followed by a red bead, then a fish finder rig, then a red bead, followed by a 100lb snap swivel on the other end. Not sure if albright was the correct knot to use, but I never broke a fish off where I joined those lines and it never got caught up in the guides. (probably didn't need to use flouro there, but I did). Next I tied a bunch of the following replacement set ups to attach to the above. 80lb barrel swivel to 3-4ft 40lb flouro via uni-knot, followed by 9/0 Gamakatsu hook tied via uni-knot. I'm usually live lining bunker and hookem right behind the dorsal fin. Having 2 young children, fishing time has been limited, but each year I've caught between 10 and 20 bass weighing between 17 and 35lbs. I've never lost a fish due to line/knot/tackle breaks. Only pulled hooks.. Just wondering what set ups everyone uses. I sometimes liveline the bunkies w/out the fish finder set up, but most of the time I put 2-3oz of lead to get the bait down to the fish.. Hope that makes sense.. Maybe I'll try to put together a lil drawing and see if I can attach it..

Tight lines,
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