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When does Winter Flounder Fishing Start

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Can anyone suggest the start times for winter flounder fishing?

I have access to smaller bay-boats and ocean going boats. I really enjoy bay fishing for these little guys and would like to know what you think of as the beginning and ending of the season.


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Well March 1st is the official openin but its probly way too cold in the bay so probly not til mid march or until the water warms up, but depending on water temp u can probly catch them all the way through May.
Thanks for the quick reply.

How about water Temp then? What general temps are good?


Winter flounder will become active at around 43 degrees. They will bite before that but don't expect them to come running. Winter flounder will start to spawn at 46 degrees. At 46 degrees mine is still shriveled. At my age some of the wrinkles never come out :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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