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Where would you go???

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A few friends and i plan on doing some fishing on friday. We live in the Monmouth county area. Would you surf fish on the Monmouth county beaches, drive to SIC and fish the back bays by boat, or drive to SIC and take the boat to the rips, or some combination thereof?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Choice #4: DELAWARE BAY!!! :D :cool:
deleware bay
Right now the Delaware bay is pretty hot. I've been getting fish like this regularly.
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Thanks for the replies. Do any North Jersey boys have any input???
There hasn't been too much going on from the surf in Ocean/Monmouth counties for the past month Gripptide. However, Friday is supposed to be northeast winds so that could definitely turn on the bite from the beach. If you don't feel like traveling to the Del Bay, then I would recommend staying close to home and hitting the surf. I know that's what I'll be doing on Friday somewhere from Seaside to Pt. Pleasant. Temps are supposed to plummet going into Thursday and Friday as well, so you might see a 2 or 3 degree drop in water temps, and that could also help. Well, whatever you do, good luck man! :D

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Sea Isle saw some good fishing this weekend for boaters:

Epic Bird Plays demarked big bluefish and slot bass on the Cuma Lumps. Peanut Bunkers and Sardines lost their lives to death from above and below. Those same fish reappeared at dark just offshore of Hereford and even the surf guys (Stone Harbor) got a few shots between 90th street and the Point.

I saw a few bent rods on boats drifting eels (yes, eels) in Townsends along the bar. The cut had good clean water and the tip of the rock jetty on the north side of the Inlet had fish.

From 8th Street (aided by a good pair of 7x50s) you could see the boats south of the Avalon Shoal. You might guess what they're doing. The grapevine says that it's worth a ride if you want to catch a few slammer blues and release some bass.
Eh, but who wants to drive almost 1.5-2 hours each way for blues? Plus, if you're looking for blues Grip, then you can pretty much get all you want from the beach in Mon/Ocn. They swing through at least twice a day. Some days they're huge (a guy I know claims he got a 20#'er on Saturday, and I got a 12#'er a couple weeks back) and some days they're the 4-6# variety. When I had said there wasn't much going on the past few weeks I meant stripers.
The pictures of wheeling gulls and busting fish don't lie.

If you're going to stay up north, the fish are there. There are also fish down south. I just got a call about crazy fishing behind Avalon this morning on plugs.
Again, thank you for the replies.
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