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which superbraid?

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I met the Grim Reaper a few months ago and he recomended this site. He was right, this site is great! We were talking and i asked him about fireline. Grim just laughed and said power pro. Now i hear that alot of people love power pro and i also heard stren superbraid isn't to shabby either. Does anybody use fireline? If you have, could you give me some feedback? Thanks.
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For casting, I use Power Pro. For bottom fishing - flounder, seabass, grouper or snapper, I use FINS. Fins has this funky weave to it that is somewhat coarser allowing it to have grippier knots that won't slip.

Chunking uses Fireline and he catches so many fish they gave him his own T.V. Show :D
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I just picked up stren Superbraid, Haven't used it yet so the jury's still out.
Fireline for me. ;)
Fire line does seem to last longer than power pro.Had the same 75yds.of fire line on 2 different rods on for 3yrs. before getting spooled.30lb.Power pro after one long season looking rough and broke off pretty easy when snagged last time out.Gonna try to get another season by reversing it on the spool.
1. Power Pro--------------BEST
2. (Old) Siderwire Braid--BETTER
3. Fireline---------------GOOD

(Others I've used and dislike are Spider Wire Stealth, Tuff Line, and Gorilla Braid. I haven't used the Sten Braid yet, but I already don't like the fact that you only get 125 yards on the small spools that retail for about the same price as Power Pro 150 yard spools. It also looks thicker like the Stealth does. I also don't like the discoloring and fraying of Fireline even though it still performs well. That is just confidence issue. It is also a bit too stiff or dental flossy feeling for me versus PP.)

Of my favorite three braids above,Power Pro gets my vote! It is superthin, super sensitive and extremely strong. I can fill my spools with more PP than Fireline of the same rating. It is very durable and lasts a long time. It retains it's color. Windknots are only a problem if you don't keep the slack out when closing the bail after casting with PP. Keep it tight and NO PROBLEM!
It is a good value.

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The line you feel most confident with. I have tried most and it's Fireline for me. :D
I'm with Chunking. Fireline is for me. I'm not really sure why, b/c I have the most problems with knots with fireline. I am just more comfortable with it.
I also like Fireline overall, the best. Power pro is good for boat fishing open waters or smooth bottom, but it's abrasion resistance is not good, it's not as strong as fireline, doesn't tie knots as well and fades in the sun horribly. For the land based and structure proding fisherman, I think Fireline is the better choice. Tried Stealth this year, but the $150 Abu lever drag i had it on locked up on a 6 lb. flounder :eek: so i didn't get a full season out of it, so can't give an opinion on it yet.
I bought some 20# Fireline but am reluctant to put it on my spinner because it doesn't look like it will cast very well. Can we make this a two part question; Who likes what for spinning and who likes what for conventional ??
(The fireline doesn't look like it will cast very well because it is thick and stiff.)

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Fireline on both conventional and spinners. The stiffness will fade quickly. I know I sound like a broken record but Fireline is the best I have ever used. :D :D :D
The fireline will cast great on the spinner, once it's broken in. The more worn in the fireline gets, the better it casts. The key is you got to wear it in, so get out there and fish. You might wan't to throw some half ounce or something you can cast real far first before you start throwing plugs to help wear it in. Also, you'll get less wind knots with fireline than power pro. With either, it's good to pull on the line w/ a light drag to strip a foot befoe you cast to eliminate getting wind knots.
I switched to Tuff Line I got a 1200 yard spool from Jim at James Tackle, he recommended it, seems to be good stuff much cheeper then PP, I forgot what I paid I think like $60. I've used PP and Whiplash, actually the whiplash was much better to cast. I've not used the Tuff line much yet but like it so far.
I too recomend PowerPro. Works great and holds up fantastic too. Doesn't stretch too much either.Give it a try.
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