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white perch/from land help

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i dont know if its to early but got the there somewhere i can perch fish(white) from shore in south jersey and catch this time of yr.south of ac ?if so you can email if dont want to burn..techniques would b helpful as of what and where to get bait.or we can go together
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I've only got them in the spring around the time of the herring run, they're upstream spawning, only about 2 months away. If you want we can hook up, I'm in Hammonton and go herring fishing but I like to use a hook and line instead of a net and I don't do the livewell thing I use them cut or I salt them for flukin. I'ts alot of fun and I'll be river fishing for bass by yak this spring.
Try any Mullica River Bridge or the wading river. You will need grass shrimp as it's the best bait this time of year. Capt howards or Capt dave should have them give them a call they will help you out hope this helps
ok thanx.and im up for whoever wants to go.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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