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who sells blue tarp?

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the big snow storm that hit us the week before Christmas took out my boat cover and a new cover isn't in the budget right now so i'm looking for a cheap alternative to get me through the winter. i've seen a few boats covered with some sort of blue plastic tarp and would like to take a closer look at it but i'm not sure who sells it. anyone have experience with the blue tarp and where i can but it. thanks
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I have been using Blue tarps for 15 years and purchase the cheapies.Make an A frame and hog tie the cover down.Come March,off it comes and in the dumpster it goes. So for approx $40.00 I get my Boat covered with a new cover.Sometimes ,I when I pull the cover off,I use it as a dropcloth when I bottom paint.

I have used the same pressure treated wood for the A frames for the past 15 Years.The only other expense is the 1/4 inch poly that I buy for approx.$20.00 for a 600 foot roll to Hog Tie the cover down.:):):)
HbrFrieght is definately the most affordable place to purchase tarps. They have the blue ones and they also have heavier duty ones in silver or in green. They will be good coverage for winter storage. You can also use white plumbing pvc or grey electric pvc from the HD or LWS to fabricate a "frame" on your boat to support the tarp. I have used 3/4 and 1" pvc to support the tarps. The 3/4 will allow you to bend or curve the support to allow the snow or rain to run off. Use the 1" to support the 3/4. A small V cut in the 1" will allow you to lay the 3/4 on top of it and use some duct tape to hold in place. As mentioned in one of the above posts you can use it in the spring to drop on the ground and paint the bottom.
Tie off under the boat or to trailer with some poly line which they also sell at HFrieght.
You sound like me. Once I hear Duct Tape,it's time to say "Get her Done!!":):):)
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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