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Who's fishing Hi-Mar Bass Tournament this Saturday the 4th?

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Don't know if most of you know but there is a great Bass tournament that is run this Saturday on the 4th. It is out of Twin Lights Marina, Highlands, NJ and is a 12 hour tournament, 5:00am - 5:00pm. Last year it was a great tournament and all of the money made goes to the charity of Jason's Dreams for Kids.

Anyone on the Barn fishing this?
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I believe Pgoins is fishing it.
Good cause, well run Tourney.
I am encouraging all I know to join in.
Phil how many have entered? We've been thinking about it.

That and format wise is it two fish or one?

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Not sure Captains meeting Friday night at Twin Lights I believe. Like I said, good cause, and a fun day who could ask for more. Format has been best 1 fish weight.
We will be there and it is a great cause!Phil see ya at the capt. meeting.Steve see ya Fri. night.
Finstinct, we had about 26 boats last year and considering there was a small craft as well as it was the first year the tournament was run, it was a great turnout. We have a bunch pre-registered this year and have had a lot of calls saying that they will sign up at the captain's meeting. Hope to see you and others there.

Harry and Phil see you at the captain's meeting Friday night....
Just got back from the tournament committee meeting, we have 15 pre-registered boats. We had no pre-registered last year and had about 26 boats so this year is looking to be a good turnout. See you guys at the Captain's meeting tomorrow night at Twin Lights Marina.
i'm in>>>>>>
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