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Who's stocking eels?

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What bait shop is selling eels in the Somers Point/EHT area?


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Al, wanna borrow my eel trap? Our pond is full of em! Best bait is horseshoe crab they say. I'm thinking it's a little early for the eels so let me know how you do w/ em! I'll be watchin if you steal into my secret spots!
This land is MY LAND, this land is MY land, this is my LAND, THIS LAND IS MY LAND, now for the chorus, ThIs LaNd Is My LaNd,,,,,
My Bait & Tackle 927-2030, brennans 927-2628, dolphin dock 927-1730, Was known as tj's 927-3002.
All are not yet selling them. Will be in a couple of weeks they all said. My trap?
Log these numbers in the cell maybe?
Striped.Bass, when you're in the market for bait, please be sure to consider our advertisers whenever possible. It's them who make all of this possible for us

There's a link that says "Our Advertisers" at the top of this page as well as our Home Page and it's subpages

Here's A Short Cut For Ya ;)
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I gave up on eels last year and started chunking clams. ;)
I alwas stock eels right now I'm on a summertime price. I will get a big load probably the last week in September and that is the best time of the year to get quantity pricing. I'm not sure exactly what that is going to be yet.

Keep an eye on my web page.
Originally posted by striper2278:
Bucktails work well too! ;)
I learned how do the clamming thing on the old Stalker but have yet to learn the bucktailing thing.
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