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Pick your own is great because they will be fresh. You can just walk off the roadside on the meadow and check along any small tidal creek. You can find lots of the larger ribbed mussels with their tips just sticking out of the mud.

We made some great chum using mussels and canned jack mackerel from the grocery store. About $.99 a can. We always took something along to stir up the bottom. Stirred mud seems to bring the winters into your chum slick. The chum will get the grass shrimp and other little crawley things moving in and thats what the winters feed on.

We would take some old sash weights and throw them out on a rope then drag them back to the boat. Always stirred up the bottom. If you do catch any check their stomachs. Looks like a lot of bugs inside. These are the little feaf hoppers and other dodads that live in clumps of seaweed. They make up a large portion of their diet. Find muddy bottom with lots of weeds and you will usually find feeding flounder.

We fished with a three hook rig. One with bloodworm. One with nightcrawler and the last with clam. Caught more on the worm and seemed an even split with the bloods and crawlers. Only thing was the crawlers would wash out fast and had to be changed more often. The clam always seemed to produce the larger fish.

Good luck.
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