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Hello everyone.

Sadly it is almost the time of year where we are all putting our boats away for the winter. Even though it is getting cold and most of the marinas have turned off the water, we are still working.

For any Bass Barn member we are offering 20% off of the following services listed below and completed between now and Christmas

INTERIOR DETAIL : all windows are cleaned and protected with antifog spray, heads are cleaned, all cabinets, lockers, etc, everything is vacuumed and dusted, refrigerators are cleaned, metals are polished, and anything else that needs to be done will be done.

HULL WAXING AND COMPOUNDING Hulls are drywashed, all scuffs and marks are removed, and we will apply a coat of wax to protect your boat from the harsh winter conditions, COMPOUNDING IS ALSO AVAILABLE, to get rid of any foggyness and bring up your original shine. (This is recommended for the winter, and keeps your hull shiny and protected and ready to dunk in the spring.)

METALS AND WINDOWS We can apply a coat of wax, and either leave on for the winter, or buff to a shine to protect for the winter, this will stop pitting and dullness of your metals.

We can put a protectant on all of your eisenglass to keep clean, protected and scratch free.

TOPSIDE DETAIL: This depends a little more on the weather, but can be done with or without water on nice days. All surfaces are cleaned and waxed, boxes and lockers cleaned, cushions conditioned, plus the above windows, and metals.

WE ARE ALSO OFFERING 10% off any details scheduled for the spring, between now and Christmas.

DON'T FORGET ABOUT OUR HOLIDAY GIFT CERTIFICATES!!! Find out more in the barn sale forum.

THANK YOU, IF ANYONE HAS QUESTIONS, PLEASE EMAIL AT [email protected], or call 609-209-0851.

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