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Wouldn't it be nice to put some of those tracking transmitters on the stripers in NC and watch them come up the coast to Cape May. Then when you see the fish traveling near Cape May on the computer you could jump in the boat and go fishing. Some day we maybe able to see a school of fish come into the Delaware Bay on the computer. That would be nice. That technology is not far away. For those that enjoy the challenge of hunting those fish down may care less about the technology.

This is from

By using acoustic tags on the fish, scientists can hear the fish even when they cannot see them. Each tag contains a battery, which powers a tiny speaker called a transmitter that produces a series of pulsing sounds. Each tag produces a different pattern of these pulsing sounds, which becomes an identification code for the fish in which it is implanted, like a fingerprint. The noise is ultrasonic - so high that the human ear cannot hear it. Hydrophones, however, can detect this noise. Hydrophones are located at various checkpoints in the ocean, in the estuary, and in the river of our study site in the Jacques Cousteau National Estuarine Research Reserve (JCNERR). Each time a hydrophone "hears" a tagged fish passing a checkpoint, it radios the detected code back to a central receiving station, where a computer identifies the fish and records its location.

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